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Louise Clark is one of Australia’s most diverse circus performer’s. From the ground to the air, her talents have no limits! Dubbed ‘Luscious Lou’ she’ll hula-hoop, swing and flip into your heart with comedic acts of circus craziness.


Trained by the original Great Moscow Circus’ legend ‘Stanislav Shurkin’ and Cirque Du Soleil’s great ‘Victor Formin’, Louise is exploding with high-level skill. Performing internationally for the last 9 years in stage shows, high-end corporate events, nightclubs, festivals and contemporary circuses Louise is set to blow your mind! A performer NOT to be missed!


“She’s astounding!... amazingly effortless even when she’s standing on her hands with hoops twirling on her feet! You wont be disappointed.” Kristina Dzelmanis (Director of Circus Monoxide)

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