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‘Bleeders’ Dance Trapeze.

This act will trance fix your audience with awe, as it is a beautiful mix of contemporary dance/ circus on a single point spinning trapeze. This act is filled with loads of highly skilled tricks all done with fluidity and grace. It can be performed with or without a winch system or counter wait. Louise is also able to cater to most occasions, themes and musical tastes.

‘Some Day Soon’ Swinging Trapeze.

If your looking for a powerful act that packs a lot of action and punch then ‘Some Day Soon’ is it. ‘Some Day Soon’ is a breath taking swinging trapeze act, filled with lots of highly skilled acrobatics, twists, leaps, and release tricks all performed with grace and ease swinging high above the audience on a swinging trapeze. Louise’s performance is not only powerful and full of high skill, it is creative, unique, and soul touching, as she draws the audience in with an emotional, but powerful introduction to the act which then carries on throughout the entirety of the act.

‘Heavy Cross’ Hula Hoops.

This hula-hoop act is up beat, fun and sassy. Louise performs hula hoops effortlessly and will amaze the audiences with her high level of hooping skill, from a 6 split hula hoop separation to hand standing while hula hooping on her feet to spinning 40 hula hoops around her waist!

‘Lushious Lou’ Comedy Hula Hoop.

Set to music from the 1920’s this comedy hula-hoop act will have your audiences in fits of laughter. ‘Lushious Lou’ is fallen show girl/ flapper who awkwardly performs her highly skilled hula-hoop act while trying to balance on 9inch high heels. Suitable for large or small venues and great for cabarets, parties or stage shows.


‘Luscious Lips Lou’ Aerial Silks.

Luscious Lips Lou aerial silks act is an act where a star from the vaudevillian days is reborn this act is very mysterious and sensuous as the Luscious Lips Lou fluidly climbs, dances and effortlessly performs high level drops and catches on the aerial fabric, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. At the end the secret is revealed which will leave the audience in fits of laughter.

LED Hula Hoops.

Using 4 LED Hula Hoops with 50 different light patterns and a costume lit up with LED lights Louise is able to create quite a spectacular spectacle of lights mixed with crazy circus skills of hula hooping and acrobatics, which will lighten up and liven up any venue or crowd. Works best at corporate functions, nightclubs and parties and Louise is able to cater to any theme or musical tastes.


Louise has been doing acrobatics for over 10 years and is able to work in small or large group acts as well as just in a pair. Louise is also skilled at being both the base and the flyer, which make her very versatile. She is able to work in different environments like roving acrobatics or a full stage acts. Louise's background in dance also helps her move easily in and out of tricks make it look effortless. Louise Is able to create acts to suit your theme or preferred music taste, in either 3 or 2 person acrobatics

Pin Up Girl 

Pin Up girl hula hoops, is fun sassy and a little bit sexy hula hoop act with lots of high skill and high energy tricks perfectly exercuted with a cheeky smile, all polished off with 1950 pincurls and corset and a mini top hat.

French Maids Acrobatics/20min or 60min Show.

Hula Hoops.

These French maids are not like normal French maids, they have amazing acrobatic skills, combining brut strength, unbelievable contortion and flexibility, and awe inspiring balance, and with a touch of cuteness and tongue and cheek comedy. The audience will be left inspired and in fits of laughter.The French Maids can either be performed as a 6min act, 20min or 60min show, or as MC's for an event or Cabaret. 

Dangerous Woman Aerial Silks. 

Dangerous Woman Aerial Silks act is a strong and sassy act, filled with breath taking drops and feats of unbeliveable strength, and awe inspiring flexibility. Mixed with movements with punchy musicality. 

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